We Have a Website!

While wildfire was looming nearby, and hoping for the best, we took the opportunity presented by closure orders to finalize the development of our new website. Now that we have survived the fire it is time to make the website introduction.

We still have our Facebook and Instagram pages but this website is owned and operated by us and offers you a secure place to keep in touch. We hope you like it, and remember to bookmark us in your browser or on the home screen of your smart phone..

Menu Sections

Our regular menu items are listed with descriptions, options, times served, and prices, all organized by menu types. Each menu and menu item has its own link so that you can share specific details. Daily special and one-time-only menu items will probably be listed only in the Totem News section but we do list menus for recurring events, such as Taco Night and Pizza Night.

We need time to get everything photographed accurately and we are working on getting images posted.

Menus: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/menus
Menu items: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/menu-items

Event Listings & Calendar

We now have our regular events and one-time events listed online. You can quickly and easily remind yourself on which days our weekly menu items fall, and plan ahead for special occasions. There is also a booking system for events that require registration for a limited number of participants.

Keep an eye out for wine tasting events and much more to come.

Events list by month: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/events
Events calendar by month: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/events-calendar

Store Pages

Naturally we cannot list all items available for sale in the Totem store but you will find the general types of merchandise and the names of our regular purveyors and artists. And keep an eye on the news pages for new inventory and special gift items.

If we decide to venture into e-commerce, an online store, then we will announce that.

Gifts & souvenirs: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/gifts
Market & supplies: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/market-supplies
Map & information: https://www.totemmarketgifts.com/info

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